3D Printing coming to a city near you!

3D Printing has arrived in Australia. At the Studios you can see 3D Printers in Action, do training, shop and get all your designs brought to life using our bank of printers. So why not head down?

3D Printing Studios Parramatta,

16 Darcy St, Parramatta NSW 2150

02 8677 4107 | parramatta@3DPrintingStudios.com.au

3D Printing Studios Perth,

72 Marine Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160

08 9430 7148 | perth@3DPrintingStudios.com.au

Opening Times


Monday 9.30 – 5.30
Tuesday 9.30 – 5.30
Wednesday 9.30 – 5.30
Thursday 9.30 – 5.30

9.30 – 5.30


Monday 9.00 – 5.00
Tuesday 9.00 – 5.00
Wednesday 9.00 – 5.00
Thursday 9.00 – 5.00

9.00 – 5.00

What we offer

  • 3D Scanning - Need to print an object you already have? no problems. The first step is to 3D scan it
  • 3D Design - Got an idea for a 3D Model but don't have the skills to design it? no problems. We have CAD Designers in-house who can model your ideas
  • Print-readiness - Got a 3D Model but no idea how to make it printable? no problems. We have specialists who can help
  • 3D Printing - Got a 3D Model you want printed? no problems. You've come to the right place!
  • Finishing - Want your prints to stand out? Electro-plating, spraying, buffing and sanding - we'll have your prints looking outstanding
3D Printing Lifecycle

3D Printing on Demand

Need a thing 3D printed? Need help with 3D modelling an idea? the studio is here to help. Simply let us know what you need or head into the shop to find out what is possible

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Newbie to 3D Printing or are you an experienced printer? We offer a range of midweek and weekend training classes in our studios, we also host monthly meetups covering a range of topics.

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3D Printers & Materials

UP Plus 2Looking to get yourself a 3D Printer for your home? We have a wide range of the latest 3D Printers and consumables

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